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Black Bin Collections in TinsleyHousehold Waste

Household waste is collected every Wednesday in Tinsley.

Black wheeled bins are provided to households* in Sheffield for the disposal of domestic waste. This is a guide to how this service works and what you can and can't put in your bin.

  • Wheeled bins must be placed at the kerbside by 7am on the morning of collection (unless you have an assisted collection**). If your bin is not at the kerbside when the refuse collection vehicle arrives your bin cannot be emptied.

  • After the bin has been emptied the householder is responsible for returning the bin to their own property as soon as possible, no later than 9am on the day after collection.

Your black wheeled bin is for general household waste. Please do not put any of the following items in your black bin.

  • garden waste
  • bricks
  • soil
  • tiles
  • rubble
  • hot ashes

Nappy wasteNappies ! What can you do? Have a look at

Telephone: 0114 273 4567 to find out about alternative disposal methods for these items.
What Veolia expect from you...

  • Please do not use the bin for fires. The plastic will melt and the bin will be damaged
  • If bins are damaged through misuse the householder may be charged for a replacement bin
  • Householders are responsible for the security of their wheeled bin
  • If the bin is too heavy it may not be emptied. The householder will then be contacted and asked to lighten the content of the bin.
  • The bin is large enough for the needs of most households. If you have a problem relating to the size of your bin, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs
  • The wheeled bin is the property of Veolia Environmental Services and must not be removed or vandalised. However, householders can number their wheeled bin if they so wish. If you move house the wheeled bin must remain with the property. If you find your black bin is too big, please contact us on: 0114 273 4567 to request a smaller bin.

* If you live in a flat/apartment your waste collection arrangements may be different - contact your landlord for more information

**In special circumstances, when there are no able bodied people in your household, an assisted collection can be made. If you are eligible for an assisted collection, refuse collectors will wheel your bin out for collection and return it after it has been emptied. This arrangement can be discussed by calling the helpline number on: 0114 273 4567.

Blue Bin Collections in TinsleyThe Blue Bin service is every 2 weeks. The blue bin is provided to households in the city to allow you to separate and store waste for recycling. The contents of the bin are collected by Veolia Environmental Services and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility where they are sorted.

If you find your blue bin is too small, please contact us on: 0845 355 5515 or email us to request an additional bin. Side waste of paper and card will be taken if neatly bundled with string or placed inside a cardboard box.

What can I put in the blue bin and blue box?

New Blue bins Recycling Service - Link to continually updated council web page.

Warning - Identity theft is on the incease, make sure you are secure.

Green Bin Collections in TinsleyGreen Sacks

Collect your FREE green sacks from your local library

Darnall Library, Britannia Road, Sheffield S9 5JG. Tel: 203 7429

Tinsley Library, Tinsley Shopping Centre, Bawtry Road, Sheffield S9 1UY. Tel: 203 7432

Once you have 3 sacks call 0114 2734567 and they will be collected within 5 working days. Maximum 18 green bags.

Approximately 20% of the average household's rubbish consists of green garden waste. If this waste ends up in your black wheelie bin a valuable resource that could be turned into compost is wasted.

You can keep your garden clean and tidy and help us to recycle garden waste by using the green sack collection service.

The sacks are currently available for free. When you have filled a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 12 green sacks you can arrange a collection by contacting the helpline number printed on the bag or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

The green waste is then taken to one of several composting facilities in the city.

Please note:
•  We can only collect sacks printed with the Veolia Environmental Services and Sheffield City Council logo's
•  We can only collect sacks that are placed at the front boundary of your property

Green sacks are available from the locations listed below. For further information about this service please call the Veolia Environmental Services Helpline on 0845 355 5515 or contact us.

What can go in my green sack?

The following items of green waste can go in the green sacks:
Leaves, hedge and plant clippings, twigs, small branches, prunings, grass mowings, weeds and cut flowers.

Please help us to recycle as much green waste as possible by only putting the items listed above in the green sacks. Any other items put in the green sacks will not be recycled and the sacks will not be taken.

The following items of waste cannot go in the green sacks:
Food or kitchen waste, stones, rubble, soil and Japanese knotweed, dog, rabbit, cat or small animal waste, disposable nappies, plastics including carrier bags, bin liners and plastic packaging.

The Tinsley Tree Project is no longer running, but we should soon be part of the Sheffield wide Green Bin Sheme. Compost making will reduce the amount of green waste moved around


Unwanted Clothing

There are plenty of clothing recycling points in the area usually near to shops or community centres.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

FREE disposal of bulky items if you can get your items their yourself. If you need a collection please call: 0114 273 4567 for more information about the collection services and to arrange a collection.

Rotherham - Car Hill, Greasborough ( .pdf requires acrobat reader )
Open from 9.30 am - 7pm, 5pm closing time from October to March.

Sheffield - Nearest site would be Beighton Road, Woodhouse 8am - 7.30pm. 5.30pm closing time from October to March.

For Vans & Trailers call 0114 2734567 an hour before your trip to the recycling centre so you can be booked in. This includes weekends.

Recycle Household Items (£1 per item fee)

Yorkshire Recycling - Recycling Action Yorkshire

Visit the Onxy search for recycling page

Fridges and Freezers

Collected and disposed of FREE of charge by ringing the Sheffield Council on 273 4567 and then pressing 1 to get through to the Veolia (formerly Onyx) call-centre.

Nuisance Waste - Bonfires - Nuisance Waste Advice

Street cleaning & repairs - Streetforce - Part of Sheffield City Council

Fly Tipping & Pest Control ( 0114) 203 7410 Streetforce

Commercial Waste

From July 2005 businesses across the region who are producing hazardous waste will need to be able to describe exactly what their waste contains and this 'characterisation' will determine what can be done to minimise it, ease its recovery or ensure its safe disposal.

Waste is hazardous when it contains substances or has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment.

Because of their chemical content, some everyday household and businesses items such as computer monitors, televisions, fluorescent tubes and scrap cars have joined the list of toxic, corrosive and irritant substances and materials like asbestos, industrial chemicals and clinical waste under the 'hazardous' banner

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council and VEOLIA ES Sheffield Ltd - List of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about rubbish.

Graffiti removal and wall coatings for businesses.

Practical Environmental Advice -

Environmental Agency Advice -